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    FLVPlayback - undraggable seekbar Handle


      Hi there. Does anyone know how I could make the seek bar handle on my FLVPlayback skin undraggable with ActionsScript 2? Here is what I've done so far.


      flvPlayback.autoPlay = false;
          flvPlayback.align = VideoAlign.CENTER;
          flvPlayback.playPauseButton = controlbar_MC.playpausebtn;
          flvPlayback.seekBar = controlbar_MC.mySeekBar;
          flvPlayback.volumeBar = volbar;
          flvPlayback.muteButton = controlbar_MC.mutebtn;
          flvPlayback.bufferingBar = controlbar_MC.bufbar;
          flvPlayback.bufferingBarHidesAndDisablesOthers = true;
          //flvPlayback.playheadTime = startPoint;
          //flvPlayback.contentPath = _root.videoFile;
          flvPlayback.contentPath = "Britney In The Zone Raw.mov";



      and i want undragble seekBarHandle..


      Please Help me out of this problem.