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    Export to Excel

    Arunkumar S

      Hi All,


           Is there anyway available in flex to export the data into Excel?

           I'm using Advanceddatagrid. When the user presses the Export button, the data available in the Advanceddatagrid has to be exported to an Excel. Thanks in advance for the help.

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          BhaskerChari Level 4



          Try to refer the below link...there is one sample included.





          Thanks ,

          Bhasker Chari

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            Arunkumar S Level 1

            Thanks for the link Bhasker. It would be more helpful if there is a link for working example.

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              TanweerHq Level 2

              All you need to do is - create a HTMl script and save it as .xls







              say 'strHTMLText' is having html tags, pass this 'strHTMlText' here below:

              var applicationDirectoryPath:File             = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("MyExcelFile.xls") 
              var nativePathToApplicationDirectory:String = applicationDirectoryPath.nativePath.toString();
                              fileName = nativePathToApplicationDirectory ;
                              var file:File     = new File(nativePathToApplicationDirectory);


                                  var stream:FileStream = new FileStream();


                                  stream.open(file, FileMode.WRITE);








              private function openExcel():void            
                               navigateToURL(new URLRequest(fileName),"_blank");

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