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    AME handles interlaced source as Progressive


      My camera is an Samsung VP HMX-20C that makes footage of 1080 50i or 1080 25p. I filmed alot of footage at 50i since it is better in my opinion for fast footage and better to make it go slow motion.


      Anyway since it produces H.264 footage and Premiere has a hard time handling this I wanted to encode it to Mpeg2 with AME first. When I load my source into AME the footage get twice as long. After rendering it looks like slow motion while my audio stays normal. In the preview I noticed the source was allready twice as long as normal. So it seems like AME handles my 50i footage as 25p and it takes all the 50 subframes to put in 25fps.


      After this I tryed loading the original H.264 footage in premier but there the same issue. After pre-rendering of the footage it gets twice as long.


      I allready tryed alot of things but I can not get it to work.


      If you guys need more info then please tell me. I hope you guys know what my problem is.