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    count the num of lines of the text enetered in the text edit field



      I have an ISR edit box for multiline comments, requirement is by default text upto 7 lines should be visisble(which I have done), a vertical scroll bar should appear with the text of more than 7 line(done), if the text if more tahn 7 lines and user gives the print command for the form then whole text writen in the ISR edit fiedl should print.(STUCK WITH THIS).


      Can any one help me out in solving this high priority issue.


      What I am trying is to expand the box when print command is given, and recollasped it cback tonormal size, but whne I enter text with blank spaces in between this is not being achieved , I am able to achieve this if user eneter continues text


      please this is very high priority issue, help me out.


      Thanks in advance