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    Air Ajax and Windows Media Player activeX


      Hi guys.


      I'm kind of new to Air and starting to build my first apps. Something I'm trying to do now is basically a very tiny app that just connects to an online radio emission. The app will connect, start playing, and minimize to the system tray.


      First things first, I need to make it play. Just launching the url inside an iframe it goes nowhere. This is the link:


      The existing page is very poorly written. You can find local references to .js files, and it surprises me that it actually plays in a browser, but that's beyond the point.


      I've singled out the <object> tag, and then the <embed>, but nothing works. It seems that there is a plugin problem. It doesn't recognize the activex and nothing happens.


      Is there a way to get around this?


      BTW: of course, using activex, this would be a pc-only app. This is not a problem.




      Helder Cervantes