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    Illustrator 10 Corrupt Files


      I have just started having a major issue in that every new illustrator file I create is corrupt.  I am copying vector graphics from Origin software (graphs) and pasting them into an .ai file for prettying up, however when I try to open the newly created file I get the following message:


      Can't open the illustration.  The illustration contains and illegal operator.


      Offending operator: "Transparent"



      0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Xa

      0 1 0 0 0 Xy

      0 J 0 j 1 w 4 M []0 d

      0 XR

      % 0 50 XQ

      /_Arabic Transparent



      Now the worst part is not only I have been copying out of origin without issue for over a month, but I am using the same Origin files as I was in the past (those .ai files are still opening without a hitch).  I havent changed anything but I am now getting this error.  Any information would be useful.


      As far as I know there is no transparency in the Origin files, otherwise I would have had trouble before now.  Also, I never use the Arabic Transparent font, nor is it in the Origin files, nor have I changed/installed any fonts recently.  Thank you all for your help.