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    Multi-Camera Multi Audio Track


      Premiere Pro CS4


      I know that there is an answer to this question, but I just can find it.  I've used/done work using mulit-cam many times. It seems that I've just lost it.


      I am trying to edit in multicam but keep losing my audio when ever it's not in/on track one. 


      Is there some way to merge the audio into one track before I start multicam.  If I have to roll-edit everything, then what's the use in using multicam.  I know there's a way.  I need this project done yesterday... No last month.  HELP

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          Valter Vilar Level 2

          I have an answer but you won't like it. User Render and Replace to Soundbooth, open a new multitrack file and drag and drop the tracks you exported from Premiere in there, then export the mixed file as a wav or whatha

          veyou and import back into Premiere. You can also use Audacity but it will be less "convenient".


          There might be an easier way to do it now in CS5 but I haven't come across it yet.


          There is an option in Premiere CS5 preferences, try checking it but I am not sure whether it is for rendering purposes only or previews: Render audio when rendering video, I have that checked at all times and I use multicam all of the time.

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            JZeig1 Level 1

            I have since purchased Soundbooth and have been chk

            in tutorials on Lynda.com.  Pretty cool stuff.  I am learngin that

            most of the problems that I have won't be trageted directly, but

            there's always a work around.  Just this morning I've realized that

            I can only link the audio.  Trying to import directly into SB won't work.  I have to give customer DVD.  What I did was where the audio was blank due to audio being on different track than the target track, I just filled (cut and paste) into those spots.  I wish there was some way to link all of the tracks back to Pr.  This way I could clean up everything at once and the Encore...

            Also, I created a DVD last night of this party and notice somethings needed to be adjusted.  After the adjustments were made, when I went back to rebuild DVD, I didn't notice the changes.  I am in the process of rendering again-  Pr.  I hope that works.


            Thanks for ur help.



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              Huntrex Level 2

              To collapse all audio tracks down to one:


              1. Hold down the "Alt" key; click and drag to select just the audio tracks.

              2. Hit "Control X" (or "Command X" on a Mac).

              3. Create a new sequence and hit "Control V" or "Command V" to paste the audio.

              4. Bring that new sequence into your multi-cam sequence and "Alt" click the video portion of that sequence and hit "delete".

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                Phil Griffith Level 2

                Sounds to me if you do that then you lose out on mixing the audio tracks down. Unless you do it first. but the only way to do that is in soundbooth or audition. I prefer to copy and paste my other audio tracks from my Synced sequence to my multi cam target seq. then all the different sound tracks are there and you can use audio mixer.