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    Change Project Settings in an Existing Project


      Is there a way to change the Project Settings (from standard format to wide screen) once a project has been started?  I have several projects that were started with the incorrect settings and need to revise them to show in Wide screen format.  I see that the project's .prel file will open in wordpad and thought that there may be a way to change the setting from there.  Is that possible?


      Any suggestions would be greatly apricated, this will save 100 or more hours of re-editing.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Basically, no.


          However, there seem to be hacks for the PREL, the Project file. I have no direct experience in this method, and would urge one to ONLY work on a copy of their PREL, in case something goes very wrong. The PREL is basically an XML database, with links and instructions. It can be edited in WordPad, NotePad, or any XML editing program. One just needs to choose Open, and then "All Files" for the File Type drop-down in the dialog screen.


          ATR, a trusted contributor to this forum, has posted the instructions, and the value changes to accomplish this. He posted this info very recently in a thread in this forum. You might want to Search for "project preset," and maybe even filter on "ATR," in People. Also, I commented on that thread, so you could filter on "Bill Hunt" too.


          If I can find that thread, I will furnish a link to it.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Take a look at the link that ATR furnished in this THREAD.


            Good luck, and hope that it works for you.



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              Brian5088 Level 1

              I see where the ClipMate program worked for someone by coping the time line then pasting it into a new project.  I also don't see that it works now, maybe the version of ClipMate doesn't support this type of process anymore.




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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                This thread from Muvipix.com shows you how to change the project settings by editing the .prel file in Wordpad.

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                  Brian5088 Level 1

                  I tried the suggested:

                  To convert a 4:3 NTSC project to widescreen, in WordPad do a search and replace:

                  And in PRE-8 it doesn't seem to have this setting.


                  I downloaded the ClipMate, but can't seem to figure out how to copy the timeline.  Maybe it won't do that function anymore.


                  Thanks for all the help...


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                    Brian5088 Level 1


                    ClipMate is your friend!


                    Below is the process for working in ClipMate:

                    ClipMate Premiere Elements Copying Between Projects


                    Premiere Elements 8: First Look, Using with ClipMate Software


                    ClipMate and Copying Timeline between Premiere Elements Projects


                    Summary. I have found that use of ClipMate DOES works consistently for copying Timeline (video/audio/effects/transitions) for Premiere Elements 8. In contrast, with earlier versions, such as 2, 4, and 7, the copying/pasting process will handle video/audio/effects, but NOT transitions. How to details for ClipMate 7.3 and Premiere Elements 8 are given below.





                    Workaround by Peter F. Duke and user comments, posted in 2007
                    Using Clipmate to copy and paste between projects


                    Muvipix Community thread chat, posted Aug 2009
                    Copying timeline between projects


                    I take away from online comments such as those cited above that ClipMate use for copying Timeline between Premiere Elements projects has problems in the copying of audio and transitions. In the Duke link, he suggests a workaround for the audio issue, but not one for the loss of transitions in the copying/pasting. Some may go as far to say the process works for “Premiere Elements”, but does so only sometimes and without rhyme nor reason. So, I decided to download a tryout of ClipMate 7.3 and see for myself what was going on in this matter.


                    Premiere Elements 8, what worked for me....


                    1. Open ClipMate 7.3 and leave it open.
                    2. Then open your saved Premiere Elements 8 project .prel whose Timeline you want to copy to another new project .prel.
                    3. In Premiere Elements 8, Edit Menu/Select All, Edit Menu/Copy. Minimize the Premiere Elements 8’s workspace to see the ClipMate 7.3 workspace.
                    4. In ClipMate 7.3, Edit Menu/Capture Special. That will bring up the Capture Special dialog.
                    5. In the Capture Special dialog, you should find just two options for check marks. Make sure that there is a check mark next to “Premiere Elements OSClipboard Format” as well as “Premiere Exchange”, and then click OK.
                    6. You should then see an entry for your copy in the ClipMate list which includes: Title, Sort Key, Date/Time, Size, Source. The source should say “ADOBE PREMIER…”, not WINDOWS. Highlight that entry.
                    7. Go back and Maximize Premiere Elements 8 project .prel which has the material that you copied. To create the new project .prel to paste into, go to the File Menu of this current project.prel/New/Project. (I clicked Yes to the Save message that followed, just in case…). After setting up the new project dialog for the new project .prel, I was now in the new project .prel’s workspace.
                    8. IMPORTANT: Using minimizing and maximizing windows, go back and make sure that the ClipMate entry for the copy is highlighted. Then with the Premiere Elements 8 again maximized, go to the Premiere Elements 8 Edit Menu and select Paste Insert. The job is done, video, audio, transitions, and effects wise.


                    Check it out and see if you found what I observed.