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    Video sites say I need Flash Player

      Video sites say I need Flash Player 8. I have installed, deinstalled, re-installed over and over as per Adobe support suggestions. The Adobe site says "You have version 9,0,47,0 installed"
      Video runs on YouTube but CNN, Fox and others keep saying I need to install the Flash Player.
      I have invested (wasted) four hours fooling with this. I see I am not alone. Anyone have a fix?
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          I don't see how flash will run on U-tube, but not on cnn or fox, unless they use different plug-ins, if I disable active X control( flash9d.ocx) file, u-tube, cnn, fox or any-other website that uses flash will give me the message to install the latest flash player.

          Try this - Go to > tools > manage add-ons(enable or disable) highlight the file( flash9d.ocx) and disable.

          You don't say in your post, what os, version of windows, or browser you are using, so I will assume windows.

          Click Uninstaller, where it says Updates by version, that will take you to Macromedia Flash Player Uninstaller and download the one for windows below and run the file.


          Click on the link below to install the flash player version 9,0,47,0... I uncheck the box for the google toolbar, but you might want it, flash does not require that you use it.


          When you get the message flash has been installed successfully - Go back to tools > manage add-ons and enable flash9d.ocx file.

          See if u-tube, cnn, or fox work.

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            BobTheBeeGuy Level 1
            I am using Dell 2400 1gig memory, Windows XP Home.
            I went to > tools > manage add-ons
            There was no such file as: flash9d.ocx. If I click on download new add-ons and go to get Flash Player for Internet Explorer I get the Download Flash 9 and the big "F"
            The green bars just keep on blinking.
            When I check the Adobe site I get this message You have version 9,0,47,0 installed
            The samples on the Adobe site run fine.
            Add another site that says I need to upgrade my Flash Player: The Weather Channel.
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              I'm having the same problem. I've tried everything! It works with Youtube and some of the flash based ads on Yahoo but not on other sites. I tried it in Firefox and it works almost all the time. I've also tried it in IE7 in safe mode and it works. Here are my specs:

              Windows Vista Home Premium w/ all updates
              IE7 with all updates
              EVGA nVidia 8800 GTS 640mb
              Intel Pentium D 340Ghz
              2 gigs of RAM
              Gigabytle GA-8N-SLI motherboard

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                HP610cL Level 1
                When you opened add-ons, where did you look, Add-ons currently loaded in IE., Add-ons that have been used by IE., Add-ons that run without permission or Downloaded active X controls 32 bit, none of these had flash9d.ocx file.

                Have you ever manually worked in Windows Registry, if yes - go to your run box and type regedit, this will open the registry - click on the key HKEY_LOCA_MACHINE\Software\ scroll down till you come to Macromedia, click the plus sign on the left for macromedia - do you see Flash Player, Flash Player Active X and Shockwave 10, highlight Flash Player - what does it say for - Current Version and Flash Player Version, highlight Flash Player Active X - what is Name...... Type....... Data.. C:\Windows, if you have never edited something in the registry and are not comfortable doing this - that's ok!, we'll figure something else out.

                Is this the site, you are talking about when you say the Weather Channel that flash doesn't work.


                The above site uses - Blue Box Video Player, you can find the link below.


                When you click the above link your screen should turn light blue and should say loading player and then the video should start playing.
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                  8eight8 Level 1
                  Now see that site works for me, the following two don't:


                  In regedit it says my current version is 9,0,47,0 for both.
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                    BobTheBeeGuy Level 1
                    Yes. I looked in all those places.
                    No, I've never worked in the registry. A little beyond me I think. I might try when I have some time.
                    The Weather Channel site was http://www.weather.com/multimedia/videoplayer.html Is the site the weather channel takes me for Video. There is nothing about Blue Box Player, Redirect says
                    We're Sorry! You need to update your Flash Player. Box says:
                    Get macromedia FLASH PLAYER
                    Click on that and it takes you to Adobe page:
                    Home / Downloads / Flash Player / Adobe Flash Player Download Center
                    Install Flash Player
                    Version: 9,0,47,0
                    Date Posted: 7/10/2007
                    File Size: 1,126 K .

                    I think Adobe has a turd of an update and and most of the web sites using flash video will not recognize it.
                    How do I get Flash 8 back?

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                      HP610cL Level 1
                      The reason it doesn't say anything about the blue box player, because you are redirected from the site as soon as the website detects your Flash will not work with their player, their is a java script file that can detect the flash plug-in, on all major web browsers that's why you can't download flash 8.

                      If you decide you want to go back to flash 8, you have to use the adobe flash Uninstaller for Windows to remove Flash 9, if you delete it from the control panel in add & remove programs it won't remove the registry key for Flash 9, use the adobe flash uninstaller below.


                      I would give you a direct link to download Flash 8, but I have on my system Flash 9, and their is a file in flash that won't let me download flash 8, when you uninstall Flash 9, you should be able to install 8, belolw.


                      When you download and install Flash 8, their is a Critical Security Update for this player, I would apply this update, so your machine is protected.

                      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm?loc=en_us&term=flash+player+8+critical+secur ity+update

                      When you installed Flash 9, did you restart Windows?
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                        HP610cL Level 1

                        Hi; 8eight8

                        You don't have a problem with the adobe flash player, because you have the latest one installed and working. The problem you have, some sites don't work right with flash like the two you posted. I clicked on both links and the first one had a picture of a girl and two men, website is Tucows. The second link is a movie site, Network Solutions, movie Woman Warrior Queen, I watched the trailer(looks like a good movie).

                        You don't say what kind of player, you are using, Quicktime, Windows Media 9,10,11, Real Player, I think your problem is your player and not flash, because most sites you go to requiring flash will play, if I'm wrong let me know, you might just have to update your player or install Codecs for audio and video to work with flash.

                        The first site you posted did not require flash, it was just a picture, you should of been able to open this site.

                        Have you checked your Settings Manager, for the Adobe Flash Player?


                        Try turning your pop-up blocker off, for the sites flash won't work, turn it off before you click on the website, but make sure you don't forget to turn it back on, also try refreshing the page, see if this helps.

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                          I had a similar problem with the weather.com interactive weather map. i'm running Windows XP and IE7. recently downloaded the updated flash player (version 9). went to the Adobe download page and found the version 8 download. followed the instructions (uninstall previous versions), then installed version 8. works as before.
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                            has anyone been getting the problem after a pop up occurred on your desktop (not with IE open) that says a new version of flash player is available? I can't remember the URL or version (sorry) but the links on it took me to a www.adobe.com/something site describing the update so I installed it. After a restart I went to http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/index.xml and then www.adobe.com and the flash animation wasn't there, just a link to get flash player. I had to do the uninstall described above and then reinstall from adobe.com and works fine. Problem is then I started getting wiggy things happen like Pshops save dialog box disappearing and then my DVD drive not being recognized. Did a complete reformat and fine now. (XP and Vista dual boot, both reformatted and installed). Is it coincidence or possible malware that never actually came from Adobe?
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                              Found this on The Register (UK)

                              "Hackers have developed a new ruse that attempts to trick users into downloading malware from a fake Adobe Shockwave Player download site."

                              "Prospective marks who stray onto lure sites - such as a game site related to {name censored} - are presented with broken icons in an attempt to convince them that their copy of Shockwave (if already installed) isn't working properly."

                              You can search Google for this text to see more info: malware new flash player