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    Error when printing booklets.

      Exclamation Printing Error when trying to  print a booklet in InDesign CS3 and 4 to a PDF


      Three  PC's won't print booklets from InDesign we get the following error  "Printing Error: Cannot print or export to the specified device. There   may be insufficient disk space on the device for the file you are   creating."  When using the Adobe PDF printer.  I can print other things  to this printer or even export to pdf successfully.  I can even print a booklet to a  physical printer.  But everytime we print a booklet we get the error.  I've cleared temp files, reinstalled indesign, tried  different documents, and new documents, to no avail.  Any suggestions. I have a ticket open with Adobe tech support now for about 2 weeks and they don't know whats wrong. .  I'm stuck any help would be appreciated.
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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't have a direct solution for you, at least not yet, but it would help if you gave us more information. Versions of InDesign and the OS? How much free disk space? How much RAM?


          One possible workaround would be to use one of the impostion scripts and export to PDF instead of uning Print Booklet.

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            bhill2k10 Level 1

            We are having the problem on CS3 using the printer from Acrobat 9 std.  The Workstation is running XP sp3 32bit.  It has approx 150Gb free on the HDD.  And has 2Gigs of ram.


            Do you have steps for the workaround?  This goes to the printers in PDF format but it must maintain the spreads and be printed non compressed.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Are you patched to 5.0.4?


              I run XP SP2, rather than 3, and Acrobat 9 pro (now at version 9.3.2) and I haven't had a problem using Print Booklet to make a PDF, so I suspect either it's something in SP3, or more likely a problem on the system.


              First thing might be to try replacing your preferences. See Replace Your Preferences


              Next might be to unistall the PDF printer and reinstall it (does it work outside of Print Booklet?). Make sure you update Acrobat first, if you haven't already done so.


              If neither of those works, see if there's anything else running in the background that could be causing a problem.


              Finally, if nothing is working, it's time to look at a scripted solution. I know two scripts, both by Dave Saunders, that can handle simple two-up saddle stitch impositions without creep. One is better than the other if you have objects crossing the spine, but neither is as sophiticated in what it can do as Print Booklet, which can handle perfect binding with various signature sizes.

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                bhill2k10 Level 1

                Yes both Acrobat and InDesign are fully patched.  We can print anything from anywhere using the acrobat printer with no issues ony when we print a booklet.  We can even print a booklet to a physical printer with no problems.  I don't suspect SP3 because the problem just happend recently and we have been at SP3 for some time now with no issues.


                I tryied replacing the preferences, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe and InDesign.  Didn't help.


                We actually have this problem on three different PC's.  One of the PC's is even runing CS4.  I throught that it might be a corrupt file or something on the network.  But we created a new booklet and placed it on the local desktop, but still the same error.


                What is this script? how does it work? Where can I get it?  How do I use it?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  The first version, which cannot handle anthing that crosses the spine, is at http://pdsassoc.com/downloads/Buildbooklet.zip This works by making a copy of your file and shuffling the pages. You export to PDF as spreads.


                  The second script is at http://pdsassoc.com/downloads/MakeBooklet.zip This one works by placing the pages from your original file into a new file and shuffling. Again, you export as spreads. This one should do better with cross-spine objects.


                  Scripts must be saved in either the application scripts folder or your user scripts folder (the included directions are old on the first one, so listed paths may not be correct). A fast way to find the correct folder is to open the Scripts panel in ID, then right click on a script and choose reveal in Explorer/Finder.


                  Come back with more questions when you have them.

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                    bhill2k10 Level 1

                    Sorry for the lengthy delay.  Its been another two weeks and Adobe support still can't figure this problem out.  Kept thinking they would solve it so I wouldn't need to use scripts.  But so far all they have done is point me to help files and forum posts, they even sent me a link to this post that I started(funny).  So back to my troubles I just can't figure out how to use these scripts at all.  I don't see where to install them/ put them, or how to initialize/use them.  Where is the Scripts panel?  Can you please provide me with some detailed instructions on the use of these scripts.  Thanks.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Scripts are text files. I think Dave's scripts are basically ready to run -- they just need to get saved into one of the right folders.


                      Perhaps the easiest way to get to a folder that should work is to open the scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts) and right click on an exisiting script, then choose Reveal in Explorer (I think I mentioned this already) which will take you to the foilder where the script is stored. If it was one of the samples, go up a level to the main scripts panel folder, then paste the script file in there. On my system the path is C:\Program Files\Adobe\CS3\Adobe InDesign CS3\Scripts\Scripts Panel, but yours is probably slightly different. There is also a scripts folder in your user profile. You don't say which version of Windows, but on my XP system that folder is  C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Adobe\InDesign\Version 5.0\Scripts\Scripts Panel


                      Once installed it should show up in the scripts panel. Just double-click to run.

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                        bhill2k10 Level 1

                        Thanks for the super fast response.  I finally figured out how to use them it was easy with the help of your instructions.  I'm not marking the question answered because I still have the error with the print booklet feature.  This method may be a viable workaround if we can get our settings setup for this method so that the printers will accept the pdf.  But so far everything seems to be working(no error).  For any one who doesn't know what the script does (I didn't) it recreates the file by reordering the pages so it appears in spread form as a standard pdf. So...now you can just use the standard "print" instead of the broken "print booklet" feature.  Its sort-of an extra few steps but its better than an error message.  So thanks again.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          Rather than "Print" now to PDF, EXPORT to PDF so you can leave your transparency live (if the printer can handle it that way -- always best to flatten in the RIP). Check the "Spreads" box to get single PDF pages that are two-page spreads.

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                            I'm on CS4 and I had the same problem this week. I used the booklet feature just last week and it worked fine. I couldn't find anyone with a workable solution on the forum. But I found an article on reinstalling the Adobe PDF print driver. So, I changed the name of my current driver to Adobe PDF(old) and followed the instructions. It took about 3 minutes.


                            Back in InDesign, I had to change the paper size settings to custom at which point it defaulted to portrait orientation, 11 wide x 8.5 high. And it worked perfectly. I saved the setting. And I'm good to go again. Here's a link to the PDF print driver re-install instructions:
                            http://drnathan.teamhackaday.com/2009/03/20/quick-fix-manually-installing-the-adobe-pdf-pr inter-for-acrobat-9/