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    Kiosk&TouchScreen Panel with Flex


      Hi. I'm a student of engineering faculity and our project group decide to develop information point (Kiosk) with touch screen and i have to develop software which has server side web service and client side(in kiosk machine).


      I heard most of project developed in .Net platform but i want to use Flex Builder. i saw in an article if touch screen wants to use in a application which developed in .Net micro framework a referanse must be added.

      So, is it necessary to add any library or referance to develop a flex application used with touch screens or panel PC's?


      if it is possible using flex in that project i will start to learn or choose another development platform. if you know any project which is composed of flex and touch screen please share me.

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          Flashplayer 10.1 has full multitouch support, so flex has immediate access to the api's that flashplayer expose for developers. With flex you can create both web based and through AIR native applications. Backend connectivity is also straight forward with options to communicate with a variety of backend data sources.


          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbYXVWKsjvs  - this is a good example of a touch screen application that communicates in real time over a national network.


          If you do a google search "flex multi touch examples" you will find dozens of applications using flex/air for touch screen applications.