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    Black & White similar to Photoshop?

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      In Premiere Pro, there is a Black & White filter that simply makes the image Black & White with no drop down menu to control the effect.  In Photoshop, the Black & White filter lets you convert how each color will be interpreted to a Black & White image.  Is there anything similar to this in Premiere Pro?  I've found this particularly helpful in still images and want to try this for video.




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          Dag Norum Level 2

          What your version of Premiere is doing is a simple de-saturation of the colors.


          Photoshop has, finally after having to do this "manually" for years, added a color adjustment to the B/W filter.


          So, just do the same: First apply color correction filter(s), and then the B/W filter. After the B/W filter is applied, go into the color adjustment filter(s) and adjust until the final wanted B/W look is achieved.