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    Problems with export of AVCHD


      Hi everybody,


      Just finished editing my movie, and now we want to move into sound editing. In order to give the sound designer something to work with, I wanted to export a "poorer quality" of the complete film, since he doesn't need the picture to be in top quality. However, now I tried a couple of different settings, mostly MPEG2, but I'm occuring quite a strange error. Occasionally the movie will flickr and loop a couple of frames of the film. There's nothing wrong with the source file, so I'm pretty sure this is happening in the export. My source material is 1080i, but I'm quite confused as to what is causing this.


      Looking forward to any help you might be able to offer,


      Best Regards



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          JeppeB Level 1

          Tried essentially everything and is still not close to solving this. In the beginning I thought it was specific spots in the movie that caused this, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when these loops will happen:


          I noticed this info in a youtube video, seems like someone has had the exact same problem.

          "Just something someone else has a problem with. CS4, Panasonic  AVCHD, after exporting the footage, it seems to have duplicated frames,  audio is off sync, etc. So what could have caused this? And re-starting  the software, cleaning the media cache doesn´t fix it"

          Somebody answered with this:

          "Sounds like a bad rendered frames. Try deleting rendered frames (under  one of menues)"

          However, I tried this and it didn't help.

          Once again, I will really appreciate any input you might be able to offer.


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            I feel your pain. I ve got the same problem. Some strange jump's , flickers or somthing like that occurs during playback in source monitor.

            I ve already spent whole day to figure this out and now im out of my senses, When i exported to mpeg dvd and watched in full hd 1080p screen everything seemed allright but it still doesn't explain those stupid flickers!

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              acmputr Level 1

              I just installed CS5 Suite.  Under CS4 I could export as H.264 and get good results.  Now if I export as H.264 it does the jerky thing you described.   I can export as a .mov but it's huge.  What a bugger....

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                JeppeB Level 1

                Thanks for your sympathy. What I don't understand is that there isn't any form of continuity in the errors, it's all very random.


                By the way, finally managed to export a proper version yesterday, however it was Windows Media Player format, so it won't really take me far. Not quite sure what I did either, as I just tried playing around with the settings quite a lot. I'm still hoping that there's someone out there that knows what is going on, as I'm pretty sure its just a matter of correct settings. I'll post if I manage to locate where the error is.


                It's so weird with CS5 as I heard it's much better handling AVCHD than CS4. Do you remember what settings you used with H264? I find it extremely weird that I simply cannot make a low-quality Quicktime version for sound editing.


                I wish you the best with your projects.

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                  JeppeB Level 1

                  If your problem is in the source monitor, you should try right clicking the source window and changing the Quality of the display. If you change this to Highest quality I think it'll solve your issue. My problem is in the export, the source material looks amazing but almost every version I try to export has these strange loops/flickers and the sound will go out of sync.

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                    elneptico Level 1

                    Try playback in lcd tv screen via usb. Sometimes you wont see those artifacts. Today im going to check if all of those flickering files are the same at my tv.