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    Upgrading from Dreamweaver 8 to CS5


      Hi, I'm brand new to Dreamweaver and the organization I work for is looking to upgrade their site, which was originally designed in Dreamweaver 8. Before taking this step, can anyone tell me what problems we can anticipate in the process? Will the site designed in 2007 function normally or will it be all buggy as a result of the new software?

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          bemdesign Level 4

          Ignore Dreamweaver versions for a moment - Dreamweaver is just a tool for editing web sites, and you could get by just with a simple text editor and FTP client. What you should be concerned about is whether the site follows web standards - if it does, great - updating it should be fairly painless. If not, you could be in a world of pain, with or without Dreamweaver.


          Another thing to consider is whether the site is dynamic (uses databases and server-side scripting languages) and any other web technology that the site might use (Flash, Javascript, etc.) - these can have their own issues (that Dreamweaver may or may not help with).


          And finally, "buggy" just means that someone didn't follow the standards well enough - either the web site coding is wrong, or the browser might not be fully web-standards compliant.


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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Can you provide a link to the existing site so we can offer an informed opinion based on seeing the layout and code rather than a hypothetical one?