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    limit to the number of Spry Collapsible Panels on a page

    pplschmp2 Level 1

      I have  a page where we are using  Spry Collapsible Panels for FAQs. We have over 75 questions and did not  want to list them all, so we are using the hide show option to make them  a bit more manageable. Everything works fine, until I get to panel #56.  Once I add it to the page, I get the following warning:


      A script  file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver  CS4\Configuration\Shared\Spry\Design Time\EditingUtils.js has been  running for a long time. Do you want to continue? Yes or No


      Is anyone  aware of a limit to the amount of panels on a page? and if so, is there  any way to increase it to be more?