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    problem converting word doc into pdf


      I've just installed adobe acrobat 6.0 onto my laptop

      . Whenever I try to create a pdf file from a word doc it says there is a problem and will have to run in repair mode/ It then goes through the 'retrieving required info' instructs to restart the computer. Once Ihave done that though and retry, it does exactly the same thing.


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not an ebook question. Please repost in the Acrobat forum. When you do, please give us the details on how you try to create the pdf from the word file. Give specific steps. Additionally, are you using 6.0 or a variant like 6.0.3?

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            There is an easy and effective way to convert word to PDF through Microsoft word 2007. You can download Microsoft Save As PDF add-in from Microsoft.com.

            Also a newly release one Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) has built-in the add-in.

            1. Start Microsoft Word 2007

            2. Open a .DOC document and edit

            3. Select from main menu “Office button”->”Save As”

            4. Select “adobe PDF”.

            More you can refer this column of PDF Converter, which includes some tutorials about converting PDF to other files.

            Glad that you got it working.