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    Accordion inside flex datagrid


      Trying to put an accordion inside a datagrid where the header has typical datagrid functionality on each set of columns. Each accordion has a seperate dataset inside. Is thi possible using rendering or will I have to build  custom set of functions to have it behave like a datagrid with colun sorting, dragging, etc.

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          How many accordions are there going to be?  Do you just want collapsible

          rows?  There are other ways to do that?

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            cgaubuchon88 Level 1

            Basically I am looking to have one main header that controls six accordions, each with data from the same souce but filtered dynamically. The main header should still be able to be sorted and arrangable like a typical datagrid based on what accordion panel is currently open. I can provide a mock-up of what i want it to look like if this still is not clear. Its basically one datagrid header that can control 6 seperate datagrids(without headers) while being inside of an open accordion.