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    Annoying editing problem


      I have the audio laid down right where I want it (soundtrack), I have some video laid on top of that (Video 1).  I want to put a still image over that (Video 2 or 3 or 4). I click and drag teh image to the editing panel, and PRE thinks I really want my audio and video to stop for 5 seconds while the still image sits there.  Why wouldn't it just be put on top?


      In general why would cutting or adding a clip to a different track affect the tracks below?  Is there a way to toggle that off?

      Is there a way to lock down portions of video and audio, that I have just where I want it, so they don't get mistakenly edited.  Like a "Pin down" function?  that wouldn't change unless I unclicked the toggle?


      Also if I click and drag the begining of a clip to trim off the first few seconds, PRE thinks I want it to start where it oringinally started in the time line but from the new start point within the clip.  But I had just snced up the video with audio where I wanted it and had too much in the begining.  I know I can select the clip and hit splice and then "clear" to get rid of it, but i just want to drag it to the right start point and leave it in place.