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    CS4 - no help files installed


      Hello. I just got off phone with an fellow in India. We spoke a good 2 hours. I explained the help files in my registered CS4 Design premium do not come up. For example Dreamweaver help option. Clicking on HELP (F1), brings a window that says The help system cannot be launched because the help file is missing.  Please install the help folder or reinstall Dreamweaver.  I told him the Adobe help files are on CD #3 which does not have an install option, only a few folders such as documentation & Goodies. Neither of these folders have the install option but one does have  a English folder. I copy & pasted the english folder to my computer and it has all the programs that our included in my CS4 Design Premium package.  Why aren't the help folders installed with the CS4 applications? Do I have a faulty cd as the support specialist said befoore we were disconnected because of my low battery on my fully charged chordless phone?  He has not attempted as of yet to contact me though we sat thru the whole uninstall and reinstall of the programs.  I did get an email saying my problem has been updated but I clicked oon it and they say the ticket is CLOSED! (?) why? The problems is unresolved!!  Of course the help file won't pop up if they are on a different cd! But there is no autorun to intall the help files. If there is an easy way  to just copy paste the help files pls tell me! If there is a way to place the help files in the appropriate folders pls help! Pls help!! Thanks in advance.


      Windows 7 Pro

      F Series Notebook i7 processor w/turbo boost

      6 GB RAM




      PS am in college and need reply asap please!