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    Fuzzy Circle?


      I've created a circle with a fill pattern by holding down the shift key and using the eclipse tool. The diameter is approximately 2 inches. The circle looks fine on my monitor, but when I print it the outline of the circle looks very rigid...a bit fuzzy. I've tried several different strokes and colors; black seems to be the worst but they all print very poorly. The same thing happens with just a blank circle (no fill color or pattern). I'm new to illustrator and everything else I've printed looks really sharp...it just seems to be this circle. I had the same problem with photoshop. Has anyone heard of this. Any tips on how to make the circle look smoother printed? Thanks!

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Are you using a PostScript printer (driver)?


          Especially if not, what happens if you Save As PDF or Print to PDF and then print the circle from Acrobat/Reader?

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            zoe84 Level 1

            I don't think I'm using a postscript printer; although I'm not entirely sure. I'm using the Epson Stylus Photo 1400. I just tried your suggestion, but even when I save and print as a PDF the circle is coming out blurry. :-(

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              As it is now, is it a normal circle in the form of a vector path, or is there some kind of raster effects involved? If there is, and the Effect>Document Raster Effects Settings are set too low, it may look nice on screen but poor in print. What does it look like on screen when zooming in (that should reveal it)?

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                zoe84 Level 1

                Jacob, thank you for your help. It is a normal circle. I think. I've tried creating new circles and the same thing happens. When I zoom in, the edges are jagged, so perhaps there is a raster effect and I'm just unaware of it. Is there a default that applies this to all images? Perhaps I should call the support number?

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  In the Appearance panel you should be able to see whether the circles have any effect(s), and remove them; and if they have, you may tick the button saying New Art Maintains Appearance so it says New Art Has Basic Appearance.


                  If it had printed correctly, I would have suggested your unticking View>Pixel Preview, assuming it was just a screen viewing issue.

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                    Excellent solution. Experienced the same problem, and here is my solution.


                    Type a bullet. 


                    As in Option + 8  or Alt-0149 like so   •


                    Resize the bullet to the size of your circle.  Do not outline the bullet.


                    View the file in Acrobot.