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    WebHelp: Two anchors in URL doesn't work in Safari

    macdemo Level 1

      My team is developing an Air App and we are using RoboHelp 8 to create a WebHelp CSH system. It seems to be working great except for one problem -- when jumping to a particular anchor on a page, Safari (v.4.0.5) can't seem to read the URL correctly.




      The compiled web help uses a '#' sign to open the correct topic within the frame that displays the content. Of course, we also use the '#' sign to open that topic and jump to a specific anchor name on the page. All other browsers don't have a problem with this. The second '#' sign is encoded as '%23' (just like spaces are encoded as '%20'), but this has no effect in other browsers, and changing it back to '#' in Safari doesn't fix the problem. If you delete the entire anchor, including the second '#', from the URL in Safari, then it opens fine.


      To be more specific, Safari opens the TOC, and it functions, and the skin appears correctly, but the topic frame is blank.


      We have tried generating the primary layout as Pure HTML, but that doesn't solve the problem (plus we want the DHTML version as it has a much more elegant appearance).


      Am I missing something here, or will Safari just not handle this approach at all? Thanks in advance for any help!