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    Keyframe info


      When I used VideoDisplay as base for my player the metadata of the the mp4 videos I play used to contain a neat array of available key frames. Do I have access to the info in the OSMF player? I rummaged in the debugger for a while, but the metadata object I can get at, doesn't seem to hold anything useful for me.
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          bringrags Level 4

          Yes, you can get this info by listening for the "onMetaData" callback on VideoElement's NetClient object:


          videoElement.netClient.addHandler("onMetaData", myHandlerFunc);


          Make sure the VideoElement is in the READY state, or else the netClient property will be null.

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            rshin Level 3

            Also if your purpose is to see various types of info params from netStream for QoS, here's the videoQoS plugin that you may want to refer to see how programatically this can be done.


            The plugins is avalialble in our svn trunk>apps>plugins>VideoQoSPlugin.