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    (repost) Export single .indd file to multiple PDFs


      (I hope this is a more appropriate location than general InDesign discussion)


      Hi guys!


      I've been looking for a script  to automate a tedious, repetitive process. What I do is to use a data  merge on a master to set up a series of very similar documents with a  partner's information...we have LOTS of partners. There are a total of  10 different documents all in one long InDesign file.


      After their  data is in, I export the pages out in 2-page increments (except for one  wich is a 4-pager) as seperate PDFs. It's the same set of documents  every time with the same file names, it just has different contact info  on it.


      If  it saves the right pages over an old copy OR if it exports new PDFs  with the right names, that would rock!



      Thanks for any input,



      -----------------------  DETAILED DESCRIPTION -------------------


      Export pages out as documents like  this:


      Page  1-2 "About Us.pdf"

      Page 3-4 "Services.pdf"

      Page 5-8  "Solutions.pdf"




      InDesign CS3 on a WinXP PC