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    php upload image and store & display new gallery...nightmare site!


      Hi folks,

      I'm really struggling with this one! I am trying to fix the gallery part of a CMS section of a website. Basically, a page was deleted, which has wrecked the functionality of the site I'm trying to fix it, but I have NO experience whatsoever of displaying record sets etc & I think the person who built it has used some scary plug-ins.

      I'm not scared to admit, the code is leaving me feeling a bit overwhelmed!

      if you go to:


      When you try to add a new gallery or edit/delete an old one, there is a very important page missing which is called image_form.php, from what I have worked out this is the form that allows the user to upload images which are then resized and displayed as a thumbnail gallery and also adds a new gallery link to the page:

      http://thecreativefoundry.co.uk/broken/gallery.php when a gallery link is clicked, it should take you to the new gallery page, which displays thumbnails & a lightbox like this example:


      I'm basically wondering, if anyone can help with this? Or is there an easy way, I can redo  the gallery upload and display the thumbnails in new gallery pages? Or is there a script out there that will do this and allow me to incorporate into the site?

      This is a really tricky one for me, and i'm going round in circles trying to make sense of the code and all the includes etc...

      Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated!

      I've tried looking at the ther cms parts that do work, such as:


      But I think, I may have let myself in for more than I can chew, is there anyway to do this easily?