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    Q#1: How do I edit HDV 1080i and AVC-HD 25P in the same CS5 Timeliene - which PRESET?


      Hello to everyone!


      Need your help! Really bad!

      I shot quite a lot of footage last Month! And will shoot much more in next 2 (until the end of Production)


      And about half of it is shot with SONY Z-1 -- INTERLACED 1440x1080 (25i - PAL)


      And the other half is shot with CANON 5D MkII -- PROGRESSIVE 1920x1080 (25p - PAL)..


      I DO HAVE NEW CS5 PREMIERE - so CANON 5D footage works smooth (although, I have the NeoScene codec for previous version, as well)...


      My Q. is ---- WHICH PRESET TO USE - or to BUILD new "DESKTOP" one???

      And also;


      1 - INTERLACED or PROGRESSIVE - is it better to de-interlace my 1080i material or to somehow interlace my 25p material (an how???) - cause I have to place them together on the very same Timeline!


      2. - DO I CHOOSE PRESET WHICH HAS SONY's 1440x1080 resolution or the full 1920x1080 resolution that my Canon shots its footage as!?


      3. - HOW TO EXPORT THE FINAL PROJECT??? IT IS GOING TO BE "MAKING OF" or "BEHIND THE SCENES" of quite a big Feature Film... So, I need a good quality - obviously different FINALS - one for WEB, one for BLUE RAY, one for STANDARD DVD - but WHICH FORMAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE???


      Would you make it INTERLACED 1080 (25i) or PROGRESSIVE (25p)???


      Hope someone can push me forward with few good advices!!!


      Thnx a lot!