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    cs5 line width tool, draw inside

    craigstephens Level 1

      I'm having a major problem with the line tool in conjuction with draw inside.  Any time i draw anything inside an object that has had the width tool used on the stroke, it diables the width work i have done and makes the object all one thickness (usually very thick, or as thick as the widest point).  Am i REALLY to believe you cant use these two tools on the same object.  I have tried everything, and no matter what i do the effect is the same.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          [scott] Level 6

          What are your exact steps?


          I'm not seeing your issue here.


          I can draw a rectangle, turn on Draw Inside, draw a path, then adjust the path with the Width Tool without any issues.


          As far as I know the only instance where the variable width can be lost is in a blend, if the blend involves a color shift as well as variable widths.

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            craigstephens Level 1

            My steps are as follows:


            1. create the object

            2. apply the width tool to the object (using a variety of widths throughout the object

            3. select the draw within mode

            4. deselect the object

            5. using either the brush or pencil tool, i create another object within the first one(im most cases, darker or lighter colour as this is a cartoon object being coloured)


            The second i am done doing that second object within the first, all the width work on the original object is tossed out, and the stroke reverts to the thickest width that was used in the width tool.


            This happens no matter what shape i make or for that matter where that shape is (if i draw outside the marked area, i get the same result..i did that just for experimentation purposes.)


            The ONLY solution i have found is to make the object, then duplicate it, turning off the inside colour (just a solid colour) on the top object, and the stroke on the identical object below.  Then i can use the draw within feature without it messing up my width shaped stroke, but this is a horribly inelegant and pain in the *** way to do it.  Is there something wrong with my copy?  I have been unable to find anything about this, but i have a huge project im trying to complete, and don’t have time to screw around with my tools that are not working the way they are suppose to.


            Any help in this situation would be great.



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              Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

              Craig, one thing you need to understand is that the draw inside mode is turing your selected object to a clipping mask, and as such clipping mask in Illustrator cannot have nothing else than a basic appearance simple fill/stroke only. That why when you try to draw inside your path with a width stroke, you are loosing the variable width you have created.


              One work around this limitation is to copy the path before entering Draw inside mode, than set your mode to draw inside, turn your path to no stroke/no fill and do a Paste in Place with the original still selected.

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                Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

                If you have to draw some more shape, you shall do a paste in front after the last object you have draw inside.

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                  craigstephens Level 1

                  Thanks for the insight...that is actually exactly what i did, i just didn’t know if that was the best way to do it or not.  My exposure with illustrator is limited to tracing and colouring for the most part (i do a lot of cartooning for clients), and this feature was one that i was most excited about.  Thanks for the help.