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    Fitting to window via flash file?


      Hey guys, like so many others I'd like my website to automatically fit to the size of the window. I'm not really into the flash builder stuff, so Im not going for that method. (btw, has the constrain method in flash builder worked for anyone?). Anyway so I got this idea, that you might be able to import the flash catalyst created .swf file into a flash project, make it fill the whole stage. And then do the fitting to the window via the publish setting in flash. Would it work?

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          Saif Haider

          Flash Catalyst currently only supports applications with fixed dimensions. Custom components you create in Catalyst have absolute sizing.

          If you are building an application that requires relative constraints, you can take the FXP file from Flash Catalyst into Flash Builder, and apply constraints there so that your components resize according to your application dimensions.

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