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    Audio distortion and clipping from imported AVCHD


      I just built a new computer that works great for video and is now playing back AVCHD no problem.


      The sound however, is the same as before. It sounds like really really bad over clipping, straight from the RAW imported video... Sounds fine on the camera and it sounds fine in my Sony Content Management Utility... But in premiere and sound booth... it's not working.


      It was also the same problem on my other computer even though I had a $4000 AD/DA converter that can go up to 24bit 192khz and I'd used programs such as Nuendo and Cubase with no problem, even at 32-bit float... (Audio and Music is my primary)


      Interesting thing is, this is also happening in Soundbooth




      Problem existed on both:

      Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro SP3