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    Liquid hybrid layout question


      I'm fairly new to web design and currently I'm trying to do a hybrid layout using fixed dimensions for the left side (navbar and a logo in the top left corner) for my final project in this web design class. Every time I have tried to have part of my page as static and part as liquid, I have always run into issues. I have only been able to make pure static, liquid or elastic. I tried asking for help from my professor on an old site I was building but he wasn't sure why my code wasn't working.


      Right now my page works fine on Internet Explorer, however it breaks on Firefox. The right column, which currently has placeholder text, breaks down below the navbar. I have rebuilt the page a couple of times trying to see why exactly it breaks but I actually don't understand. I use the navbar with a fixed width, then leave the right column with no set width, which should fill the remaining space. On IE it does just that, but on Firefox it breaks down to the next line instead.


      Here is the design I'm working on: http://www.cwu.edu/~reddickj/Final%20Project/home.html


      Just ignore the buttons on the left, the links are valid but the pages aren't posted to the web server yet.


      Any tips would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time!