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    Need camcorder advice please


      I'm using CS4 - mostly Premier on a windows vista 64 platform that exceeds

      all Adobe's specs.


      Until recently I've loved my mini dv Panasonic gs pv320 camcorder, especially the 3ccd quality. It has died. I need to buy a new camera and was wondering if any of you can tell me what type of camera seems to capture and edit best with Premier. Hard drive? SD card? Stick with mini dv?


      We have a budget of less than $1,000, so we cannot go with a pro camera. Please - make and model would be appreciated and tell me WHY you like that specific camera. Thanks in advance.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Do you plan on getting a new computer? Do you have at least an i7, 8+ GB RAM and 3+ 7200 SATA disks?


          If the answer is no to both questions, the only option you have is a tape based HDV camera like the Canon HD 30 or 40.


          If you choose an AVCHD camera, you have to add the price of correcting the first questions, so get a new PC as well.


          BTW, you can't capture from a hard disk or SD camera. Only ingest. The only way to capture is from a tape based camera over fire wire.


          Have a look here: Adobe Forums: A glossary of video terms

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            Volktronic Level 1

            I recently purchased the new Panasonic TM700, and it's incredible.

            I believe you can get them for around $850 now, in my opinion it's the best camera under $1500 easy.

            It also records in 60p,

            Look into it.





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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              Only two problems with the camera:


              1. You need a fast computer, and


              2. You can't output to BRD or DVD in the 60P format.

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                Volktronic Level 1

                Assuming your computer can process the footage, and most $1000 boxes can do a decent job, just export at 30p.


                At least that's my solution:)


                I really think the improvement in PQ is worth it, it's not like you're getting 60p from anyother camera.

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                  ruzun Level 1

                  I think the Panasonic TM700 is a solid choice even if you only shoot at 1080/60i (the fact that 1080/60p is awkward to playback shouldn't dissuade you, its a fantastic 1080/60i camcorder at a great price that happens to also shoot 1080/60p).  I have a Sony HDR-520V and a Panasonic TM350 and both are great camcorders.  Despite some reviews the sony is better in low light than the Panny is, noise is just way lower and colors come out better.  In bright light they are competitive but the panasonic is probably a bit better overall.


                  If you want to shoot 1080/30p though you have to consider the Canon's as neither Sony nor Panasonic shoot 1080/30p at all.


                  If I were you I would strongly consider the following three -


                  Canon HF S 21, 20 or 200 (shoot native 1080/30p or 1080/24p)


                  Panasonic TM700 (excellent camcorder EVEN IF YOU NEVER SHOOT 1080/60p, maybe best overall of the three in most circumstances at 1080/60i)


                  Sony HDR-CX550V (best low light, no 1080/30p or 1080/24p of any kind).

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                    bh0617 Level 1

                    I'll check the models you suggested. To answer some of your questions;


                    a) the pc is one year old, running windows vista 64. we cannot get a new pc for several years. Like I mentioned, it exceeds Adobe's specs and was built buy one of their authorized dealers.


                    b) we have not gone HD yet as several of the overseas contributors are still on SD cameras with tape as old as VHS-C and HI-8.


                    c) i killed the old panasonic because I was capturing directly from the camera - toggling back and forth between play, rewind, fast forward. Probably capturing several hundred "clips" at a time using the same camera. I was told that if I purchased a Hard Drive type camera, I would eliminate the capture step and just have to edit out the footage I didn't want to use in Adobe Premier. I could download the footage from camera's hard drive to my pc's hard drive, import it directly into Premier, and spend my time editing instead of capturing and editing.


                    d) most of what I do is sports related -- fast action and some low light; mostly outdoors. i'm concerned with blurred images.


                    does any of this help? will the camera's you suggest work under these circumstances. we output only to dvd.

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                      ruzun Level 1

                      I simply copy and paste files from my panasonic and sony AVCHD camcorders onto my hard drive.  You browse the folders on the camcorder like you would a hard drive until you find the video files, they are always in the same spot, then copy them from the camcorder and paste them on your hard drive in the destination folder.


                      From there they will have names like 0000.mts 0001.mts etc.  I preview/delete/rename them on the PC, then format the media on the camcorder (to remove the files I just put on the PC) and it's ready for the next shoot.


                      You then just import the mts files into CS5 and edit.


                      For outdoor sports images I would probably get the panasonic TM700.  I would probably shoot in 1080p.  I would then export to 720/60p and make dvds from the 720/60p files, eventually someone will probably want the data in a higher def format than SD and you would be ready.


                      Alternatively you could just shoot in 1080/60i and output 1080/60i and make dvds from that.  There would be fewer motion artifacts and clearer action if you kept everything at 60p as much as possible though.


                      If I knew I would be doing a lot of low light sports, I would probably get the Sony.  But the truth is most indoor basketball courts etc have quite a bit of light so I'm not sure indoor sports are really "low light" situations.

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                        Royhessey Level 1

                        I have just taken delivery of this awesome unit. My Sony HDR-FX1E needed major costly repairs so I purchased the TM700 for less than the repairs.

                        We use PAL so the Camera DOES NOT RECORD in 1080/60p ..... thats an NTSC format.  It shoots in 1080/50p in PAL. Just wanted to clear this up.

                        I add that the STILL photos this cam takes are great when replayed on a HD TV with HDMI connection.

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                          Could you please tell is there any way to capture video live with the Panas

                          onic TM700 I have spent most of the day trying to get it to work with Adobe Onlocation

                          among other things

                          Thanks for any answer available

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                            Kona Bob Level 2

                            These various file based AVCHD cameras mentioned above are trerrific, and you can transfer the files directly to your computer drive, but they are all High Def only cams.

                            As Harm mentioned early in the thread, you will need a powerful computer: 64 bit OS, at least a Quad Core, if not an i7 CPU, and lots of RAM- realistically at least 6 GB- preferably 12-16GB, and, best case, an approved nVidea CUDA GPU card in order to edit AVCHD effectively. The Adobe "minimum" specs will not be adequate for this type of work. To try and tackle this with an underpowered system is a prescription for frustration.

                            Regarding sports and action- 60i works great for that.

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                              Powered by Design Level 4

                              As a good rule of thumb try to track down some DEMO footage of any camera you are thinking about getting.


                              This way you know your computer can edit it if you do buy it.



                              ENjoy:  GLenn

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                                Rex Hollingsworth Level 1

                                Good plan, but a better one would be to get with a local video house (if you can) and do a hands-on.


                                Personally, I've been very pleased with our Canon T2i + the bigger lens. Insane depth of field, and if you can keep it out of the heat (Texas heat is too much for it, gotta put it in shade between setups when shooting outdoors) you'll be happy with the results.


                                Plus, solid state! No tape, no firewire ports to burn out, just pop out the card and load it in. Finally, you might check out the T1i as well...same sensor, cheaper setup.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  If your delivery format is DVD and not BRD, then you may wonder if a SD camera would not be better suited.




                                  1. A normal tape based DV camera is easiest on the system, making editing faster and easy.


                                  2. If you use Scenalyzer for capture with scene detection, it is one single run to capture the whole tape, avoiding wear and tear on the heads and tape transport.


                                  3. You always have the original material is you encounter a disk failure. Safety.


                                  4. Exporting and encoding to DVD is easy and fast. No issues with field reversal, interlacing, and the like.


                                  5. It is easier on the budget.


                                  If in comparison a camera like the TM700 is considered, ingest may be easier than capturing, but:


                                  1. The PC must be very fast, otherwise it bogs down.


                                  2. All the high quality you start with is thrown away when you downrez to SD.


                                  3. The encoding takes much more time and is much more error prone.


                                  To add to Glenn's valuable advise, take a memory card with you to a store, insert it in the camera you want to try, make some test shots and then try the workflow with PR and EN and burn on DVD-RW.


                                  Then you have an idea of the pro's and con's of the different workflows, DV tape versus AVCHD card, to make a judgement.

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                                    askportia Level 1

                                    I have a T1i is there a way to capture live video from there? To possible use on Ustream, livestream etc...

                                    Thanks in advance for any sugg

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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      Short: NO.


                                      Long: Why bother with material that is intended to be watched, not edited and what is the relevance to CS5.

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                                        askportia Level 1

                                        Not sure what you mean in that one!!! Whether you watch things as they happen or after they have been edited or happened is not the point. The question was could that camera be used to produce a live stream since it doesn't seem like the TM700 is capable at this time. Adoble Onlocation nor Adobe Premire CS5 doesnt even recon. either one of these products as a camcorder or video


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                                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                                          I have a T1i is there a way to capture live video from there?


                                          That was answered to.


                                          The question was could that camera be used to produce a live stream


                                          and the answer is still NO.