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    Website Stealing?


      Hey guys,

      Im very new to all this website development.  But I have a site thats about meteorites.  I was contacted by a guy (Indian from India) who I talked with on the phone and the guy is a researcher in this field.  His overall reputation is questionable.  Not that he, himself is questionable, but that I dont know enough about him.  Anyways, he contacted me saying he has some content for my website (Information about meteorite finds) that I would like to add to my site.  The guy is talking about how he wants to take my site to the next level and expand it from 4-5 pages to 40 pages.  But he wants the ability to upload to my server.  He says he wants my passwords and login info. 

      My question...Is this a common form of a con?  Should I tell the guy no and basically say no to the content?