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    Connect to MySQL remote not on localhost


      I have a large database on a server and the host is "myname.myservermysql.com", for example. The username and password are "name" and "pass" and the database is "employees"


      When I set this information into FLex 4's Connect to Data Service wizard, I alsways get errors and it will not connect.


      Am I doing something wrong here? I've written the PHP file for other HTML applications, but this doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions on connecting to a database that is not hosted on the localhost?


      Thanks a million!!

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          The new flex4 dcd wizards works on localhost only. If you need to connect to the host directly you can only do this in runtime mode but all the services etc would need to be written manually and uploaded along with the ZendAMF libraries(I assume you are trying to use php DCD).


          What you could do is copy the structure from your remote database into a localhost server, run the dcd wizard, get all your services and value objects created, upload the remote parts such as services.php, zendamf library and config files. Now you have everything in place you can modify project settings to address the remote server.