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    configuration/workspace/*.xml file information


      Hi all,  I am new to DWcs4 and woke up to this message when I tried to start DWcs4 this morning.


      The following panel layout is missing or could not be read:
      c:\documents and settings/owner.lee\application data\adobe\dreamweaver cs4\en_us\configuration\workspace\mine.xml


      I also saw this on another attempt.


      XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, line: 1, file C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.Lee\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\en_us\Configuration\Workspace\mine.xml


      I ended up reinstalling which was no big deal because I have just started using DW.  Right after I started my uninstall I found some excellent adivce in this group about removing (renaming might also work I think) the installation directory and restarting DW as it would recreate these files automagically.


      What I am wondering is if it would not be a bad idea to backup from this configuration file down in case I see this message again and don't feel up to reinstalling, when I have much more custom stuff setup.  I found that other people were getting the same or a very similiar message but the file named was "Designer.xml"  I did not initially see in my workspace directory until a while after I started working with DW.  I assume it was because I saved the "Designer" workspace setup during the session.  I do backup my entire pc every night, as long as I remember to plug in my external drive, but I am just wondering if it would be a good idea to back up this directory in a straight unencrypted format for quick restores.  Or maybe I am overreacting?



      Thanks very much,

      Jim Lee