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    Is DW CS4 Mac super buggy?


      Or do I need to reinstall it or something? Sometimes I can click on the css rule and click 'edit' and a window will come up. Other times it won't. Some times Live View will work sometimes not. And so on and so on.


      Are there a slew of existing bugs with the Mac version? I've run all the diagnostic utilities and my computer is fine G5 10.4.11 4gb ram. Loads of drive space.


      DW has been buggy since day 1. Yet the other programs in the package seem fine. Could it be that I never uninstalled DW 2004?


      Would like to hear from other Mac users.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          While 10.4.11 does meet the system requirements I will be honest that I've never had a problem with CS4 until I moved to a new Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard but those were patched by 10.6.2.  With that said, I never ran CS4 in Tiger, only in Leopard and never had an issue.