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    Flash CS5 bug


      My new installation of Flash CS5 acts very buggy.  Keyboard shortcuts stop working, and I can pick fill colors but not text or line colors - just have a gray box with a few horizontal/vertical lines.  Is this a known bug?  Is there an easy fix?  Closing and reopening the app fixes the keyboard shortcut problem, but then it returns.  Color choosing problem is persistent even after restarting app.

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          Regarding picking colors - it sounds like you have the alpha value for text/stroke color set to 0%.  When you open the color picker, please check that the alpha field is at 100% (or anything but 0%).


          Regarding the keyboard shortcut problem - are all keyboard shortcuts not working or only some?




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            Turn out i had some corrupted files that were fixed by phone support - deleting the files and letting flash re-create them on start up.  Indications were intermittent keyboard short cuts and inability to change color for fill or text (interestingly, it worked for lines).  Thanks for the response but it wasn't an alpha issue - I couldn't select a color, not just not see it.