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    Tools or tips to create schema


      Also, please let me know if there any tools or tips with you to create schema in much faster and efficient way.

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          Use Microsoft Visual Studio to create your form schema in 3 easy steps!



          From my experience, the easiest way to create a schema for a form is defined below:


          1. Design your form

          2. Goto file menu -> form properties -> preview -> generate preview data

                 This will generate an xml file with sample data for each fields in your form.


          3. Open the xml file in Visual Studio 2005 (or any version) and goto XML menu -> Create Schema



          The schema is ready for your form within minutes.



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            PagesOfJoy Level 1

            i have designed a sample form which is having few fields.i also designed another form which is used in the second stage.In the workbench i created two users for the process flow.My process starts with a user submiitting a form(first form) to a manager.here i used set value operation to hold de first form and then i used assign task operation to perform task.the form is coming properly .the next stage is like the manager shoul get the filled form along with the new fileds (2nd form).when form is coming to manager all the fields are coming but datas are not displaying.since i am using livecycle es 2 version 9 am little bit confused about assigning form to the properties.Can u help me to solve dis issue.

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              $Nith$ Level 4

              Schema Issue, or Data Mapping Issue.


              I presume that you have created two form templates (one for each user). Am I correct?


              Here are some troubleshooting tips:

              1. Are you sure that your schema is properly defined on both form templates?

              2. Are you mapping all the fields from form1 to form2?

              3. Did you enable process recording and make sure that the data is available in the xml variable just before the Second Actor?

              4. Do you have any custom Prepare Data process which populates the form before rendering?



              If nothing works out, send you LCA to me. I will try to figure out the issue.




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                PagesOfJoy Level 1

                Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions,i would like to tell you that i am having only one schema for two forms.with the help of this particular schema am trying to design two forms.as i early mentioned the first form will be having some fileds and the second form will be having the fields of first form plus some additional fields.so i want to transfer the datas from the first form to second form.ie.watever data is entered in the first form,it should be visible in the second form also.since am using adobe livecycle es 2 ,am little bit confused about the data mappings and variable creation.since xfa from variable is not present in the latest version am confused about which data type i should use to assing a form to a particular variable.aslo how can i check wether data is present in the xml variable while playing the process after recording.

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                  PagesOfJoy Level 1

                  I can send you my sample lca file for you to  verify my process and to find out the issues associated with it.Can you please check it and reply it.Here i cant attach my lca file since dat option is not available now.So if you can give me your contact email id i can send you the lca file to that address.Kindly please reply for my query.  

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                    $Nith$ Level 4

                    Here you go..






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                      PagesOfJoy Level 1

                      i have send my lca file to your mail id.i have designed one more small  leave application process .in that process also am getting the same issue.if you want i can provide that lca file also.thanks a lot for for ur help

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                        PagesOfJoy Level 1

                        Hi nithyanandan i want to ask u one question.since xfaform data type is not available in the es2 version 9,how will i assign a form to a varaibale.ie.i have to declare one variable inorde to hold the form data,but my question is what data type i should use inorder to meet this requirement.

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                          $Nith$ Level 4

                          Create an XML variable and assign your form data to it. This will work as same as XFA form variable.