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    cs4 vs cs5


      Hello everybody,


      I´ve been working with Flash cs3 a lot and about to buy a new version,

      what do you think going for cs5 or look for a (cheaper) version cs4?


      I´ve seen the movies explaining the new features in cs5 and so on, though I´m not too convinced about the benefits...


      do you people think different? should I go for cs5?


      thanks in advance

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          I think CS5 it''s better, to CS4 to CS5 i dont see a realy big benefits because i just use CS4, but CS5 ( in theory) have all the benefits in CS4 and more, so i suggest CS5.

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            CS5 has got two more years of new features and functions over CS4, so unless you could find a really smashing discount on CS4 (which actually is getting harder to find now), the more relevant and up-to-date CS5 would be a better choice.  Your software will be current for that much longer.


            If nothing else, you could always download and run a free trial of Flash CS5 and see what you think, try it out for yourself.

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              ik_ke Level 1



              thank you all,


              you basically confirm what i was suspecting yet,

              i will probably buy cs5 but indeed I´ll download a trial version first...



              thanx a lot..