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    I'm battling with a lightbox, can you please advise?

    DeonH Level 1

      Hi all and thank you so long for your help.


      I'm battling to get a lightbox to work with files from sub-folders. But, it only works on files in my root folder.


      My question concerns: www.energywa.co.za


      All navigation on the top right work with lightboxes. The moment I click on power or any of the other menu items which are situated in sub-folders, the lightbox does not work anymore. What do I need to change? I know this has not much to do with DW as such, but I trust you will be able to point me into the right direction.

      Also, when someone does not fill in all required fields on the "Contact Us" page, the lighbox closes and the page opens in the current tab of my browser. I am VERY new to this and will really appreciate all the help I can possible get. I'm even prepared to use an easier, if there is one, lightbox.


      Thank you very much.


      Sincere regards,


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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Deon,

          my experience with lightbox-directories is:


          I always create a separate directory for the lightbox. There I store by use of DW the concerning html/php-files e.g. "lightbox/power". The related images I put in an additional subdirectory, f.i. "lightbox/power/images".


          After that I would examine all paths in the source code, and sometimes it is helpful "to support" DW in adding ../, means you should write ../lightbox/power/images.


          Try it and let me hear if you need further informations.