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    CS4 > CS5 converted project = audio error

    Harold Asteroids

      Anyone come across this:


      I have a project that was converted from After Effects CS4 to CS5, that shows the following strange behaviour in CS5:


      The comps contain layers that consist of AIFF audio files. When doing an audio preview (.) or a RAM preview, the audio does not play the part of the AIFF file that, according to the time-code, it should play. It starts where it should, but then suddenly it skips a few seconds to another part of the AIFF. All that while the red indicator bar suggests it is still playing lineair as it should (the red line does not "skip" to another point.


      This leaves me with an unworkable situation, as it is quite unpredictable which part of the audio will play right...


      As far as i can tell this behaviour only happens with a converted project (CS4 > CS5) in After Effects.

      But when I started a new project in Premiere Pro I got the same skipping audio with a totally new project!


      Converted back to CS4 for now.