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    to the tonemapping programmers for HDR in CS5--small "bug"


      First, kudos for this new feature. I'm fairly experienced with most of the tonemappers out there and this one is great. Deghosting is fabulous, but I found what appears to be a small problem.


      I have a 9 EV series of exposures containing a large range of tones (sunrise over water with a backlit mountain). Using the deghosting feature works fine if I use either the 0 or +4 EV image as the base, but in this case I get blown out specular highlights on the water, which is understandable since PS is taking those moving features from an image in which they are severely overexposed.


      The answer would seem to be to use the -4 EV image as the base, and indeed this fixes the problem of specular highlights on the wavelets, but results in severe mottling in the darker areas of the image, even those in which nothing is moving.


      The preview looks absolutely fine; it is only after the image is processed into a 16 bit image that the problem appears. I have tried various permutations (more images in the series, various tonemapping settings) but the problem persists when I use deghosting based on the most severely underexposed image.


      To be fair, this is extreme and I have not found the problem in more moderate HDR series, but since it looks absolutely perfect in the tonemapping preview it would sure be nice if WYSIWYG.


      Thanks for considering,