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    Snap to pixel grid is not perfect

    sally_em Level 1

      Dear Adobe,


      Thank you for making things snap to the pixel grid and in return destroying the ability to align things and rendering the pathfinder tools useless


      Try this:

      • New Document for Web (with Align New Objects to Pixel Grid on)
      • Draw a perfect rectangle
      • Draw a perfect ellipse
      • Using Align to Selection, try aligning the rectangle and the ellipse to their top-left corner
      • Zoom in as far as possible, note that the paths are NOT aligned...


      Even try manually aligning the two paths by their X and Y co-ordinates, and you will see they snap back 0.5px

      Repeat the above steps with  Align New Objects to Pixel Grid off, and see how things use to actually align...


      While I do understand you have done this to try to create pixel-perfect graphics, there has to be another way..

      Back in CS4, I had a work-around for the pixel-perfect problem. It involved applying a graphic style with a transform properties of -0.5, -0.5 to individual paths or groups. The reason this worked was that it did not affect the actual co-ordinates of the path and allowed me to snap my paths to whatever I wanted..


      Adobe, please fix this..


      Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 17.22.04.png