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    Snap to pixel grid is not perfect


      Dear Adobe,


      Thank you for making things snap to the pixel grid and in return destroying the ability to align things and rendering the pathfinder tools useless


      Try this:

      • New Document for Web (with Align New Objects to Pixel Grid on)
      • Draw a perfect rectangle
      • Draw a perfect ellipse
      • Using Align to Selection, try aligning the rectangle and the ellipse to their top-left corner
      • Zoom in as far as possible, note that the paths are NOT aligned...


      Even try manually aligning the two paths by their X and Y co-ordinates, and you will see they snap back 0.5px

      Repeat the above steps with  Align New Objects to Pixel Grid off, and see how things use to actually align...


      While I do understand you have done this to try to create pixel-perfect graphics, there has to be another way..

      Back in CS4, I had a work-around for the pixel-perfect problem. It involved applying a graphic style with a transform properties of -0.5, -0.5 to individual paths or groups. The reason this worked was that it did not affect the actual co-ordinates of the path and allowed me to snap my paths to whatever I wanted..


      Adobe, please fix this..


      Screen shot 2010-05-18 at 17.22.04.png