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    amfphp via HTTPS on Windows IIS

    Scott S_DW



      I have a working flex project that connects to a hosted mysql database via amfphp.  Everything works as expected- and has for about 6 months.  I would like to move the database to a different server.  This server connects via https and is a windows 2008 small business server running IIS.


      When I use the browser to connect directly to the gateway.php file I get a message that it is configured correctly.  However when I connect to the service browser the swf half loads and then appears to stall and does not finish loading.

      I have changed the service-config file to use SecureAMFChannel.


      Also - the flex file stalls when I try to connect.


      Does anyone have any idea why the service browser would stall or what I need to do to make it connect.