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    After Effects CS5 divx output?




      Can AE CS5 export avi as divx? Don't have divx option in avi list.
      Want to output media for DVD players divx with divx cert? They can't play h264 or (Philips DVP5980 and so on)? and compress to divx with


      Have to export uncompressed and compress to divx -divx converter or so?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          DivX is a 32bit third-party CoDec, so it can't possibly be available in a native 64bit app like AE CS5. Even if it did, it wouldn't make much sense since AE does not provide access to multi-frame analysis, so many optimizations in the compression would get lost. Export uncompressed, use VirtualDub&friends to compress to DivX.