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    change page of pdf once already opened using shell



      Concise problem statement:
      PDF Open parameters for opening a pdf from command line works fine for the first time but not the second time. For e.g. when i try to open a pdf at page no 20, it works fine. But now when the file is already open and i give the same command to open it at page 10, the page neither doesn't change and neither the file opens second time. It will open only when reader is closed and then the command is given
      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1.Use pdf open parameters to open a pdf at page no 20 lets suppose.
      2.Dont close the pdf.
      3.Give the same command again to open it at page no 10.
      The page no of opened pdf doesn't change. Also another instance of opening of file is also not created.
      Expected results:
      Either the page of the pdf file should change or separately another instance of file should be opened with these parameters.


      i mean would their be a solution to close the pdf and open it using commandline shell? i am using vba to access the shell command line