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    Ridiculous Forum Setup

    Cayce Level 1

      I spend just about all day, every day, in web development environments, so I'm not a novice to the concept of navigation best practices. I got stumped with a Dreamweaver question this mporning and thought I'd try the Adobe DreamWeaver forum. I located the forum and logged in to my Adobe acccount. At the top of the forum page read the words, "Welcome Cayce", so I know I'm in. I started looking for a way to post a new message. There was no way to do that. I began searching. I went to the FAQ page. I went to the Forum Help page. I went everywhere & anywhere that a person might go to figure out how to post in this forum, and found absolutely no help. I spent probably a quarter hour at this, a lot of time to waste in a business environment.

      It was just as I was about to leave when I remebered that sometimes in these situations a person must try even the most absurd-sounding possibilities. Even though I was already signed in, I clicked the 'Login/Register' link and, lo & behold, discovered that a person has to log in not once, but twice, in order to be able to post on the forum. Who'd have thought?

      Do you think, Adobe Forum Managers, that you could place just a short line somewhere on the page, prior to a person accidentally stumbling upon this fact, that a separate login is necessary for the forum, even though we're already logged in to the Adobe web site? I mean, I can't be the first person to have this complaint and it would go a great length toward establishing Adobe as a company that respects its visitor's time & patience. I can even help you code that if you need assistance.