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    Permissions Option in DWCS3

    Cayce Level 1

      Ok... now that I've got that other issue off my chest...


      I have identical versions of Dreamweaver in my home studio & remote office locations. In my office, I access the files to the company on our internal server via the DW FTP. The other day I revised a FormMail.pl document on the server in a way that required permissions on the file to be reset. In my office install of DW, when I select the file in the remote files window of my files manager, I should get an option in the File menu to Set Permissions, but it's not there. From my home studio, the option shows as it should. Any ideas on why the Set Permisssions control would show in one system, but not in another, when they're the same version of DW, same operating systems (OSX.4+), etc.?


      Thanks again.



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          bemdesign Level 4

          Because Dreamweaver's FTP features (and even site definition features) sometimes go wonky. Solutions can range from going through the site definition process again, or removing your Dreamweaver user folders and restarting Dreamweaver, or even to just saying to heck with it and using a stand-alone FTP client (like Transmit) to interact with the server.