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    Scroll and States: Back to initial state

    rafael zum

      Hi guys.

      I'm making a presentation that contains some states with scrollbars. When i navigate between them, i see the scroll thumb when it was last time i was in the state.

      Is there a way to make the scroll get back to top of the page everytime i get into it?


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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Rafael,


          The scrollbar position normally won't change as the user navigates between states (assuming it's really the same scrollbar, shared across those states).  I don't know of any way in Catalyst to force the scroll position to reset when you visit a certain state, but this is easy to do with a snippet of code when you're ready to take the project into Flash Builder.


          For a list, just add this code to reset the scroll to the top:



          For a scroll panel, use this:

             scrollPanelId.contentGroup.verticalScrollPosition = 0;


          In both cases, if the tag representing the list/scrollpanel doesn't have an id="..." attribute, you'll need to add one so you can refer to it in your code.


          - Peter