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    After effects cs4 "distiller error"


      I recently bought and installed adobe creative master collection cs4. My computer isn't the best...but i made it meet the minumum requirement nessecary to run the programs.
      Anyway,more to the point.
      Every program seems to work apart from adobe after effects, i was looking forward to using that one.
      When i open it, i have to minimise all other windows, or it won't load, all i hear is the good old MS "beep error sound".
      about 1/10 times it will come up with an error, i don't remember exactly but something along the lines of this.
      "another instance is being used in distiller. this instance will not continue".
      Any Ideas, it's probably something simple i know


      P.S-I installed all the updates nessecary, at 1st it was running, but i made a few clicks and it closed itself, now it refuses to run, i have uninstalled and re-installed it. it gets to installing the media core and stops.

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          Another app (some older Adobe software, presumably) is having a hold on your shared PDF libraries or the Adobe font system, which AE also needs to deal with vector files or legacy PostScript fonts. The quick, but unelegant solution is to terminate those programs/ services (Acrobat quick starter for instance) by killing their process in task manager, the long-term solution would be to straighten out that mess and get a handle on which program does what. My colelcted whisdom on that just published a few days ago: