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    Ghosting in Movie after export




      I'm having more problems with exporting Movies from Adobe Premiere.


      I shoot stock video to sell with an agency - The clips HAVE to be exported in a .mov format at either Motion JPEG A or JPEG B.


      The trouble is, I have a few clips of people jumping around, celebrating a goal - The clips were rejected from the agency due to Ghosting.

      It is evident that Ghosting is there, the trouble is, I don't know how to get rid of it. I have used the exact same movie export settings and had many, many clips accepted that way. These clips though, have lots of sudden movement in them, which I guess why they are causing problems.


      Here's my workflow:


      Filmed on Sony Z1 at 1080i (50i)


      Captured into Adobe Premiere (I've tried 1.5.1 and I've also bought CS5 to see if that works, but still the same problem!)


      Project Settings - 1080i (50i) - 25 fps - Upper field first - 1440 x 1080


      Capture settings - HDV - Cineform HDV 1080i 25.00


      Movie export settings - Quicktime - Motion JPEG B - 1920 x 1080 - 25 fps - Square pixels - 97% quality - Upper field first



      I play them back in Quicktime and even MPEG streamclip and there is lots of Ghosting. Can anyone help me please?

      I've made sure Frame Blending is not ticked.