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    Question Slide


      Once I have created my question slide and run my captivate e-learning course once I get to the question slide but don't answer the question and click on back to look at the training slides again, once I arrive back at the question slide a message comes up "you did not answer the question completely" and I can't answer the question or any other questions that come after it.  If that makes any sense.


      Any help might keep me in a job!!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          What are your quiz/Question settings? Do you allow more than 1 attempt? Perhaps it set at 1 attempt and since you leaved the Question slide, this attempt has 'gone'.



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            cchalmers1 Level 1

            Yes I have it setup so that you can answer the question as many times as you like.  I have played about with the quiz settings but nothing seems to help.  Its almost like captivate thinks that when you arrive at a question slide you HAVE to answer it.  Any other ideas??

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Could you post a screenshot of your Quiz settings, using the small camera in the toolbar of these postings?  How did you detect the problem: while previewing or after publishing? Do you provide a SKIP-button, that is normally meant to skip the question. CP normally reports after each question slide. Just checked this with one of my quizzes, am not able to repro your problem.



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                cchalmers1 Level 1

                Yes the skip button is there but if I skip it and then use the back button on the skin to

                go back to the question it comes up with that message of "you did not answer this question completely".  Basically once I arrive at the question slide but don't actually answer it no matter how I do it once I leave the slide and try and go back I get that message and cant answer the question or indeed any other questions.  This happens when I either publish or just preview.  I have tried changing the settings but nothing seems to work.  The only this is we are not using any sort of reporting..............  thank you for trying to help me!!



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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  The screenshot is showing the settings for one Question slide, could you also check the Quiz settings: go to Quiz, Quiz Preferences, partim 'Pass and Fail'. Did you allow more then one attempt there?


                  Moreover I see on the screenshot that you only activate 'Show Incomplete Message' and not 'Show Retry Message'. Since you do allow multiple attempts (4) you should show the second one. Perhaps this will solve your problem, if you set the right number of attempts in the Quiz Settings, Pass and Fail.


                  Hope this helps you out,


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                    cchalmers1 Level 1

                    GREAT thank you so much it was because I had not changed the settings from the quiz menu.